This time last year, we travelled to Seoul Korea on a winter with our 10 month old daughter and it was one of the most fun-forgettable travels we had. Was it tiring? Yes. Will we do it again? YES!

I’ve been asked for travel without help in tow tips and the more time passes by the more I seem to forget details behind. So before the memory gets blurry, here are some winter travel notes!


  • Make sure the house/hotel is infant friendly. Some hotels allow smoking or are near places with nightlife so make sure to research and let your host know that you will be traveling with an infant. If you’ll be staying in a house/hostel ask if there’s heater.
  • It’s better to book a place where there’s a washing machine with drying function or a laundry station nearby. This is optional but will be a great help. (tbd)
  • Near the MTR. It’s best to ride the MTR because this is the fastest and cheapest way to go around the city. But whether you’re taking the cab or riding the MTR it’s best to book for a place near the MTR because it serves as a good landmark.


  • A stroller is a must! You need this when they sleep, when the restaurant/ market doesn’t have a high chair and when your stuff are heavy. The stroller has to be lightweight, compact and easy to fold/unfold. (Suggested brand: Baby Zen Yoyo)
  • Carrier that your baby love! Practice using the carrier a few weeks before departure date so baby is comfortable with it. Bringing carrier a baby doesn’t like to be strapped in will be a waste of space. (Suggested brand: I-Angel)
  • Diaper Bag/ Mommy Bag. It’s best to travel with a bag that’s multi-wear and multi-function because when you use a carrier, it’s best to wear it as a backpack. When you need to keep opening your bag at the airport or during food trips it’s best as a body bag. We always travel with the Charliebaby Travel Edition because it’s simply the most stylish, functional and most flexible one in the market.
  • Food storages, spoon, fork and food scissors. Pack unfinished food and feed around as you go around- This will save you a lot of time especially when your little one is a slow eater.
  • Dual layer bibdanas are a must for winter season because it serves as a scarf. (check our shop for details)
  • Washable silicone bibs when eating saves the shirt of the day!
  • Plain colored breastfeeding cover you can mix and match with your attire. I used Seve’s mom pink infinity scarf. It’s a breastfeeding cover that doubles as a scarf so it’s perfect for winter. I also used Poncho Baby’s cover- it’s got big coverage so it can be used to cover the stroller when baby is asleep or shopping cart cover.
  • Bring two covers, incase you need to wash the other one.
  • Lactation supplement will be your best friend. When you’re tired, milk tends to be less so be sure to pack Mega-Malunggay as a milk booster.
  • Bring multivitamins and some medicine just incase.
  • Bring your little one’s fave snacks incase they wont eat.
  • Lastly, bring patience. A LOT!


  • No need to bring disposables (diapers, tissue, wipes) for the whole stay, Bring an amount enough for a day and buy stocks for a few days stay.
  • Once you touchdown, find the nearest grocery.
  • ALWAYS PACK LIGHT extra weight isn’t worth it.
  • It’s better if you have some place to wash clothes. For a 5 day trip, instead of bringing 5 sets of thermal wear, 5 tops, 5 pants, 5 pairs of socks, 5*3=15 bibs (puking, spilling, drooling.. you know the rest) It will save a lot of space if you just bring a few sets and wash them alternately.
  • Leave large baby wipes in the hotel and refill diaper bag as needed. Same goes for alcohol.
  • Always bring a small bottle of liquid soap incase there are no soap in the restroom.
  • Research for places that are kid friendly. The whole trip doesn’t have to be for the baby but it pays to have some “rest days”. Like in Korea, malls are usually baby friendly and our favorite will be the Lotte Mall. We brought her to this playroom where we could sit on the floor, on massage chairs and chill for about two hours. A good break for parents before going around the city.
  • Research which subways have breastfeeding rooms, most parks and malls have a baby play area or breastfeeding room to rest in
  • Prepare some distraction for the plane take off (ipad, breastfeed, pacifier- whatever works)
  • If this is your first time to go out without a helper practice yourselves with going to the mall or go out of town a few days without one. This will be a great way to prepare yourselves with team work.
  • Breastfed babies are easier to travel with, all problems will mostly be solved by boobs 
  • Take tons of photos and have a happy trip!